Faster way to join GKSC

The fastest way to apply to join our clan, is to join our clan chat/s in game and ask to be recruited, or PM Lancerlotte in game. The Clan Chat to join to apply is Lancerlotte - (type this in as the clan chat name) If you are insistant on applying on this site, then read the following application demonstration. Bare in mind though, applying via our site is a much long process.

Application Demonstration

Name : §§§§§§§

Combat : §§§
Total : §§§§

Attack : §§
Strength : §§
Defence : §§
Hitpoints : §§
Range : §§
Magic : §§
Prayer : §§
Fishing : §§
Cooking : §§
Woodcutting : §§
Fletching : §§
Firemaking : §§
Crafting : §§
Construction : §§
Mining : §§
Smithing : §§
Herblore : §§
Agility : §§
Thieving : §§
Slayer : §§
Farming : §§
Runecraft : §§
Hunting : §§

Would you like your name added to a 'list of members' to go on clan homepage? YES/NO

Name of your referee: §§§§§§§§§§§§§§
(your referee is the person who informed you about GrailKnights and recruited you)

Post your application to the link, 'PENDING APPLICATIONS'
when your application has been posted and removed by a 'Table Elder', then you know that your application has been processed.

All information is discarded, no records (other than username and combat level) are kept.

If you DO NOT want to join clan but would like to receive notification of clan worlds and are combat level 100 or higher, ONLY post your name and combat level on 'Pending Applications'.

NOTE: If you are not joining Grail Knights, then you will only receive Pest Control Worlds.
Anyone found to have private messaging turned on during Pest Control will be removed from Grail Knights and/or Notification Lists. Checks are made regularly.
This is considered to be gross misconduct as you will be breaking Grail Knights Confidentiality

We do not mind if you leak worlds to other 100+ players, but be aware that if they have their private messaging turned on, you will be held accountable.